Mystic Dragon BJJ

Why Me


I am committed to growing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or "BJJ" as newbies call it). It will only grow further when it is recognized as the preeminent form of self defense and philosophy when it becomes less expensive and more available to the masses.


I don't award belts under someone else's name and I am not so egotistical that I feel I must use my own name. Hence I am Mystic Dragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and my instruction is specific to no gi for self defense. I will not hold you back or slow your progress. While you may not be the phenom I was (I earned my black belt in just over 3 years), there is no reason why it should take more than 4-5 years maximum to master the art and earn your black belt. 


I teach every class myself and will never hire anyone to teach via proxy for me. Sadly, some schools have a black belt instructor but turn to purple and brown belts to teach when there is a scheduling conflict. I have made Mystic Dragon BJJ my life and I will re-schedule any one-on-one session I might ever have to miss! 


You can trust me. I have a fantastic lineage, I lay everything out on this website and I'm not doing this for the money.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should come down in price like judo and karate with the explosive growth in black belts. But have you noticed most BJJ gyms won't publish their prices? Here again, I am different as I am striving towards making BJJ more accessible to the 99%. 

I was blessed to have access to top-notch BJJ instruction for $25/hour for private lessons due to a Social Anxiety Disorder that prevented me from taking classes. Unfortunately, is no longer around as I don't believe the Grand Master could afford to continue practicing his craft with his reasonable prices and significant gym overhead. 

I only charge $20/hour for private lessons. To protect myself financially, I do not use mats as these aren't practical for self defense anyway.