Mystic Dragon BJJ

My Teaching Philosophy

I am different from other instructors.

1. I award belts under my own name (Mystic Dragon) only and instruction is specific to no gi with no mats for self defense. As such, my curriculum includes muscle tears not even ninjas know as well as the more traditional BJJ joint locks.

2. While I have sprinkled some of the Judo Jiu Jitsu passed down by Grand Master David Lang into my teachings, I have even more much more heavily incorporated Shaolin Eagle Claw Chin Na into my BJJ curriculum. While BJJ is the most effective martial art in the world, there is no time to rest on laurels and stop evolving. My students will benefit from my travels and BJJ curriculum evolution.

3. I also weave my personal philosophy into my BJJ curriculum. If you don't want to learn important life lessons on interracial relationships, humility, integrity, compassion and awareness of Social Anxiety Disorder, don't waste your time contacting me.

4. I will not hold you back or slow your progress through redundant drilling of techniques. While you may not be the phenom I was, there is no reason why it should take more than 4-5 years maximum to master the art and earn your black belt.

5. I don't teach classes, only one-on-one private lessons. There aren't enough people in Alliance, Nebraska to justify classes and I do have legitimate fears my Social Anxiety Disorder could reappear anyway but, more importantly, you learn more through intensive and customized one-on-one tutelage than being just a number in a big classroom setting.

6. Quality instruction first and cost second. One-on-one tutelage produces quality instruction. Saving on gym leases, mats, web design and hosting, etc makes it more affordable. Remember that large class sizes only benefit the owner, not the student.