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Cortland NY's David Lang Busted for Stolen Valor

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on November 11, 2016 at 5:15 PM

As you know, I've tried to be very strict in what I've written about David Lang. Sticking to facts verified to me and putting less emphasis on simply what very reliable and trusted sources have told me. Anyone who's followed Lang's escapades had probably heard the stolen valor claims. Well, this past fall, he posted those ridiculous claims to his Facebook page.


Naturally, I sent a screen capture to the nice people at (you can contribute to them at who quickly concluded that, in addition to his many, many, other issues, David Lang is also guilty of stolen valor.

So, what does Lang do on Veteran's Day? He uses a picture that I suppose he wants us to believe is him and puts it on his Facebook page. Notice he doesn't explain this is a picture of someone other than himself. This is why I believe he's a sociopath. Did he admit he wasn't a BJJ black belt? No. Does he confess he's not a vet. Again, no. There's a profound lack of remorse and conscience. Is he able to maintain any relationships at all outside of his family? None that I’m aware of.


So, David Lang, why do you continue to get plastered all over the Internet by a bunch of Internet trolls? I'll give you one hint. It's not because you're being persecuted for being a good Christian. (Quite the contrary, I'd imagine the vast majority of Christians find you as repulsive as I do.)


It’s because you lack intelligence and integrity.


Intelligence is part biology and part environment. Since you were home schooled, I suppose they both come from your enabling mother Pat Lang of Cortland NY and Helping Hands Caring Heart. How could she "share" that picture? Looks like your mother and teacher lacks intelligence and integrity as well.


Integrity is something you clearly lack as well, David Lang and something that is also very well documented. How many former BJJ students have taken up for you? How many former exes or business partners can speak positively about you? How many troll Facebook accounts are you managing and just how much of your day does that consume?


People who get tripped up almost always lack at least one of these two items. But in your case Lang, you clearly lack both. That's why you have more enemies than you can count. That's why you’re going nowhere in your life. That's why your kids are going to disown you and their paternal grandmother. It's why everyone who abandoned you in December 2010 has moved on in their lives. (Unlike you.) And it’'s why you are now trying to lie about where you're from (Center Moriches really?) and it's certainly why the quality of women you are able to date has absolutely plummeted.


Enjoy the Stolen Valor label and keep looking over your shoulder whenever you leave your house. As much as fake black belts are hated, stolen valor shitstains are hated far more.


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