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Musings on Oneil Lang and his fraud son David Lang of McGraw NY

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on June 10, 2015 at 1:55 AM

Oneil Lang was 80 when he was fatally struck by a truck in late September 2014 in McGraw, New York. From what I've read online, he was apparently once a boxer. I wrote “apparently” because I’m a bit of a skeptic and believe our society doesn’t work hard enough to vet character and claims.

Jerry Sandusky of Penn State could be “Exhibit A” for this societal shortcoming. Another potential disaster would be if Warren Buffet’s investments weren’t all he claimed and I only even mention this remote possiblity since I understand his holdings aren’t subjected to intense audits. Obviously, I am using that example strictly for illustrative purposes. Mr. Buffet seems to be a brilliant investor and an even greater person and philanthropist and I certainly hope all is well with Berkshire Hallaway. (God help our economy otherwise!)

What if Oneil Lang lied about his boxing claims?

But back to Oneil. I’ll start by stating upfront that it would probably be impossible to prove or disprove the boxing claim due to the passage of so much time. However, if he had any type of boxing background, wouldn’t it seem plausible David Lang would possess at least rudimentary striking skills?

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Regarding David’s father, Oneil Lang, I look to the birds of a feather paradigm and openly wonder if perhaps he was a fraud in the boxing world the way his son is a fraud in the grappling world. (Although pre Internet I doubt any boxing fraud could have taken him to the heights of infamy that David Lang has achieved.) I also wonder if perhaps that’s why he relocated to New York from Canada.

What kind of father was Oneil Lang?

I know Pat is fully aware of her son’s infamy and it’s hard to believe Oneil could have been blind to it. So why support a son who engages in outright fraud and isn’t self supportive unless you condone his sickening behavior? The most important job for every parent is to ensure their kids are raised with a strong moral compass even if disabilities may prevent them from ever obtaining full self sufficiency. The opposite of this, I suppose, is what Patricia Lang and Oneil Lang have done with their son David. They have enabled him to put students’ lives in danger, be a pretty terrible husband from accounts I’ve read of the first two marriages (I assume there will be more in his future) and, even worse, to become a terrible role model to the poor, innocent children he has fathered.

Given recent evidence (see screen grab below from the UG thread) that Pat Lang of Helping Hands Caring Heart may be using her charity to help her deadbeat son meet vulnerable women and get his hands on disability settlements coming their way, I also openly wonder if this activity started recently or has been going on for years unchecked. And, if Oneil Lang was the great man some want to believe, what did he know about this and what, if anything, did he do about it?

Has Pat Lang’s enabling crossed the line?

I understand David met his last girlfriend Tiffanie French (I believe this link is for the same Tiffanie as the picture below) through Pat Lang’s Helping Hands, Caring Hearts non profit in Cortland, NY. 

David Lang, is it true that she got a settlement that YOU used to pay up enough child support as well as travel to Brazil so you could get your butt kicked in this video by a brown belt half your size? Please correct me if I’m wrong because this is what I’ve read on the UG thread you appear on from time to time.

And what is going on with Trish Queen?

And what about Trish Queen (who just changed her name to Tee Scutt after this blog was published)? Is there a pattern here of you meeting vulnerable single moms through your mom’s Helping Hands Caring Hearts because of her enabling? Is Trish getting ready to receive a lump-sum pay out that should be used to take care of herself and her kid(s)? Trish, in all seriousness, you need to talk to Tiffanie before you even think about giving this fraud a single penny.

And if, or should I say when, it jives, you need to do yourself and potential future victims a huge favor and report this disgusting activity to every outlet you can.

Did David Lang commit perjury?

David, is it true you told a judge you were a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that you didn't travel to Brazil? If so, how do you explain the picture below as well as (screen saved for posterity lol) comments you made from known accounts on Youtube and UG about the match? I somehow don't think you'd have an easy time if you ended up in the slammer.

David Lang’s latest farcical BJJ move

David, since I haven’t been blogging regularly, I had some catching up to do. Please, please, please explain this picture.

It’s a still shot from the video below where David, the BJJ fake black belt was completely dominated from beginning to end. I personally think this still is much better and representative.

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I’m not even sure where to begin on the ridiculous picture you posted to your Facebook. The very low resolution? The fact you cut off Leandro Silva’s head? The fact you’re sweating like a pig and the whole match was less than 5 minutes? The idea that anyone would want to watermark a still photo from that video? And, lest we forget how this whole thing started, your very misguided decision to wear a black belt that you never earned.

You’re absolutely pathetic David Lang. Don't you wonder what your kids will think about you when they get older? Don't you wonder why you continually lose "virtual" friends and the increased funny stares from members of your own community both inside and outside of your church? You don't even have a school anymore. Nor do you have any skills you should have spent the last several years acquiring so you could support your kids. The gravy train of vulnerable single moms is coming to an end and I hope this blog serves as a way to capture all that you have so foolishly chosen to do these past several years.

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