Mystic Dragon BJJ


I offer private lessons at the economical hourly rate of $20. I do not use mats, but I do have padded carpet in my basement in case you can't host the lessons. You will be responsible for providing a third party when working submissions. The third party will be responsible for ensuring the tap is quickly acknowledged by the victor as this will eliminate any possible loss of consciousness or damaging ligament tears or bone breaks. While I believe I have mostly overcome my Social Anxiety Disorder, I fear I can still hold a choke or knee bar too long "in the heat of battle."



  • "Mystic dragon has turned me into an undefeated BJJ fighter. I am currently 0-0 but 7-14 in death matches before I started training under the Dave Lange banner."
    Sandman John Deyck
    Undefeated BJJ fighter
  • "Call me wind because I am ablesutoly blown away."
    Call me wind because