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Quotes Ryan, did you choke the cat out again?? Quotes
Mrs Franklin
Ryan's Mom

Quotes Your a clown, is this site a joke??? Your a 20 something year old virgin who has never competed and "earned a black belt," under well known fraud David Lang. Go fuck yourself for disgracing the sport so many of us actually train in and love. Ill be in Nebraska on business next month, let me know where your "dojo" is and ill give you every chance to prove me wrong. Ill even put up any amount of money you can prove you have on it. I left my email hit me up phenom Quotes
BJJ guy

Quotes I enjoy the close physical company of Brazilian men, Thats not ghey is it? K1 level striking Quotes
Sherdog fan

Quotes I train under Ed Shobe, the only BJJ black belt in the state of Nebraska. I personally witnesses the destruction of David Lang on the Underground, where his credentials were proven to be false. Wallid has never promoted a black belt. He even gave an interview about it. Your site is so over the top, that I'm assuming you have be doing this as some sort of satire. If you are legitimately claiming to be a black belt, I'd invite you to come to any of the local tournaments to prove that claim. I know at least 3 brown belts here that would like to test themselves against another black belt in the state. Quotes
This is a joke, right?

Quotes Ryan Franklin is a fake bjj black belt. Quotes

Quotes Ryan Franklin is not a bjj black belt under Wallid Ismail. Quotes
Wallid Ismail

Quotes Mystic Dragon BJJ changed my life. Perhaps even saved it. That is all I can say due to some non-disclosure paperwork I have with my employer. Quotes
Jorge Rivera


  • "Mystic dragon has turned me into an undefeated BJJ fighter. I am currently 0-0 but 7-14 in death matches before I started training under the Dave Lange banner."
    Sandman John Deyck
    Undefeated BJJ fighter
  • "Call me wind because I am ablesutoly blown away."
    Call me wind because