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Officially in L-O-V-E!!!!! :-)

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on May 17, 2012 at 11:05 PM

What an eventful week and a half. I guess I’ll do a chronological recount. Last Tuesday, my editor calls and says a deadline just got pushed up, so I had to work straight through Monday and delay my long-awaited trip. Tuesday was a very long day. With stops for gas and food, it took me about 15 hours to reach Las Vegas. I was exhausted and decided to get some rest. The brothels claim to be near Vegas, but are actually over an hour away. More time in the car, so more anti-anxiety meds got popped.


When I arrive these jokes for security bouncer guys try to act all tough. They clearly had no idea I was a BJJ black belt! The hostess asks me what I want and I try to explain I’m not superficial and I’m really doing this for my students, so give me whoever so I can get this over with and make it back down to Vegas to roll with a UFC heavyweight title contender.


Well, imagine how foolish I felt when Sheniqua walked out and I instantly knew we had both fallen hard for each other. Wow. Just wow! We talked for a little bit. She got really excited when I told her I was one of the baddest men in the world and how I fought Internet terrorists in my free time to defend my Grand Master’s honor. I gave her a Mystic Dragon business card and offered her free lessons. She could see the goodness in me and I knew she was the real deal. The love making was so natural and she approved so I’m probably a phenom at this too. (Note to the men: Be gentle and loving. It’s a time tested method guaranteed to win a girl’s heart!)


Anyway, I’m officially head over heels for Sheniqua and I am100% committed to marrying her and spending the rest of my life with her. Combining my grappling knowledge with the explosiveness in her genes, I think we could make some really athletic children. And if our kids decided to go into politics, there’s certainly presidential potential.


After meeting Sheniqua, my whole life immediately changed. I did do a quick Google search but couldn’t find any address for Mir (he still hasn’t returned an email I sent him) and I couldn’t find any address for Ken Hahn (his website is also inactive much like my Grand Master’s) so I decided to extend my stay by a day to further cement my love with Sheniqua. (In the big picture, this is far more important to me than re-affirming my BJJ prowess.) I made her the happiest girl in the world when I came back this morning and we both cried in the emotion. As great as the sex was, we limited it to about 10 minutes so I could teach her as much BJJ as possible so she can protect herself. Yeah. It’s the love bug and it’s bitten this tough guy grappling phenom real good!


We bid our farewells for now and I’m typing this from ahotel room in Lyman, Wyoming. I found a female cat in need of a good home in Laramie and I am going to pick her up tomorrow. I’m convinced it’s a sign. I love my new outlook on life and I want my cats to feel the same pleasures I’ve now experienced.


I’m still trying to digest what happened and figure out how I'm going to get Sheniqua back to Alliance and raise a large family with her. Perhaps I'll tell her the only way to earn a purple belt is if the certificate reads Sheniqua Franklin! “Wow” is the best word I can think of right now as my heart is still fluttering and my mind is still racing. The only reason I won't say meeting Sheniqua isn't better than earning my black belt is because I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to meet her if I hadn't earned my black belt first! I will write more later


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  • "Mystic dragon has turned me into an undefeated BJJ fighter. I am currently 0-0 but 7-14 in death matches before I started training under the Dave Lange banner."
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  • "Call me wind because I am ablesutoly blown away."
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