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Attn: Pat Lang of Cortland NY and Helping Hands Caring Heart

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on June 21, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Hi Pat,


I was wondering how you felt about your son’s fraudulent activities and if you are indeed enabling his behavior. I ask this because I’m wondering where his money to start new gym ventures is coming from and what he’s doing for financial support when he’s off dreaming up crazy, half-baked schemes such as claiming to be a black belt under Wallid Ismail. Also, there is a Facebook profile, allegedly yours of course, that is extremely encouraging of your son’s fraudulent activities.


(If this is your profile, by the way, many of us would love to know how you could not notice your son calling himself “David La,” “David Lan” etc. Could there be a reason besides the fact he was trying to tail tuck from the legitimate BJJ and MMA communities that have previously exposed him as a fraud? Please tell me because I speak for others when I adamantly say we’d love to know!)


You have to know that he is wasting his time and money with this various BJJ/MMA gym openings, right? And, even if it makes him happy, shouldn’t you be concerned when fraud is committed? (His fake “Gracie Combatives” certificate with Wallid’s forged signature and misspelled name remains one of my favorite follies to this day.) I can’t believe you would appreciate falling victim to such fraud. And you probably wouldn’t want to think of a similar event bestowing your kids or grandkids!


Pat Lang needs to ask her son David Lang about this certificate if she's not already aware IMO...

But as bad as fraud is, let’s take this up another notch in severity. How about the very real possibility an innocent person could be harmed? (Such as what apparently already happened according to this allegation your son beat up an underage student!) You know, since your son doesn’t seem to grasp either BJJ or MMA at anywhere near a legitimate instructor’s level.


So, is it a big stretch to say you’re upset this blog post can be found by your peers? Are you feeling a bit like an innocent victim as opposed to a completely willing accomplice? If yes, then congratulations on having at least a smidgeon of empathy. Because it doesn’t appear to this writer that your son does. Certainly not after I parodied being a black belt under him while he continued to claim black belts under others.


There is a very real chance your son could get someone seriously injured or even killed. Since you appear anxious to portray yourself as a good person (Executive Director of Helping Hands Caring Heart in Cortland, NY), don’t you feel a pressing need to do everything in your power to stop your son? Maybe he needs help. Or maybe he needs to be left on his own to accelerate his ultimate demise.

Did these two use head gear if they sparred?


If you think your son may have been more successful with his black belt claims pre Information Age, you are correct. (Obviously, he couldn’t have been much less successful. Lol.) But as rough as the Information Age has been to him, how do you think it’s going to impact his kids? Don’t you worry that they will be bullied once their schoolmates stumble upon the treasure trove of “David Lang BJJ” (or “David Lang Cortland NY,” “David Lang McGraw NY,” “David Lang black belt,” “David Lang MMA,” … well … you get the idea) search engine results?


Oh, and Pat, in case you’re not a cutting-edge techie, the Networked Age is currently eclipsing the Information Age. And it’s going to further curtail not only David Lang’s future opportunities but also those of everyone near him who may be perceived as having complicity in his disgusting actions.


Do you see how your other son, Peter I believe, could be viewed as complicit?

Quite simply, David Lang is a very real danger to anyone who makes the mistake of trusting his fraudulent credentials and joining his gym. There can’t be any way you would be comfortable with any of your relatives training with a similar fraud. So, please, for everyone’s sake, do whatever is necessary to help stop your son. On the bright side, you’ll feel a lot better when your friends question you about this blog post and you can confidently state that you have already undertaken corrective action on behalf of the innocents in your community that you purport to care about so greatly.


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