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Cortland NY's David Lang Busted for Stolen Valor

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on November 11, 2016 at 5:15 PM

As you know, I've tried to be very strict in what I've written about David Lang. Sticking to facts verified to me and putting less emphasis on simply what very reliable and trusted sources have told me. Anyone who's followed Lang's escapades had probably heard the stolen valor claims. Well, this past fall, he posted those ridiculous claims to his Facebook page.


Naturally, I sent a screen capture to the nice people at (you can contribute to them at who quickly concluded that, in addition to his many, many, other issues, David Lang is also guilty of stolen valor.

So, what does Lang do on Veteran's Day? He uses a picture that I suppose he wants us to believe is him and puts it on his Facebook page. Notice he doesn't explain this is a picture of someone other than himself. This is why I believe he's a sociopath. Did he admit he wasn't a BJJ black belt? No. Does he confess he's not a vet. Again, no. There's a profound lack of remorse and conscience. Is he able to maintain any relationships at all outside of his family? None that I’m aware of.


So, David Lang, why do you continue to get plastered all over the Internet by a bunch of Internet trolls? I'll give you one hint. It's not because you're being persecuted for being a good Christian. (Quite the contrary, I'd imagine the vast majority of Christians find you as repulsive as I do.)


It’s because you lack intelligence and integrity.


Intelligence is part biology and part environment. Since you were home schooled, I suppose they both come from your enabling mother Pat Lang of Cortland NY and Helping Hands Caring Heart. How could she "share" that picture? Looks like your mother and teacher lacks intelligence and integrity as well.


Integrity is something you clearly lack as well, David Lang and something that is also very well documented. How many former BJJ students have taken up for you? How many former exes or business partners can speak positively about you? How many troll Facebook accounts are you managing and just how much of your day does that consume?


People who get tripped up almost always lack at least one of these two items. But in your case Lang, you clearly lack both. That's why you have more enemies than you can count. That's why you’re going nowhere in your life. That's why your kids are going to disown you and their paternal grandmother. It's why everyone who abandoned you in December 2010 has moved on in their lives. (Unlike you.) And it’'s why you are now trying to lie about where you're from (Center Moriches really?) and it's certainly why the quality of women you are able to date has absolutely plummeted.


Enjoy the Stolen Valor label and keep looking over your shoulder whenever you leave your house. As much as fake black belts are hated, stolen valor shitstains are hated far more.


An Open Letter to Crown Alliance Church in Cortland NY

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on November 22, 2015 at 9:40 PM


We’re sure you work hard to make a positive impact in your community and we’re equally sure it’s probably a bit tougher when you’re not affiliated with a major denomination like the Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, etc. Your website didn’t make a lot of things very clear but, again, we understand the site is under construction -- and actually has been for quite some time. But we realize your expertise is in religion and not high tech, so we try to understand. We hope that likewise, you will understand the open letter nature of this communication since there is no phone number or email on your site and I don’t live near Cortland.


The reason for this letter is to inform you of what David Lang, an apparent member of your church, has been doing for the past several years. We’re going to stick to a few things as a more exhaustive list of just the really bad things would be a very, very, very long read. You are, however, welcome to Google him and check out the original investigative thread, the excellent Police Gazette write up by Briggs Seekins (a local who was among those conned by David Lang), his “honorable mention” by and, perhaps most infamously, his inclusion in a top 10 list of frauds by the very popular website Please do take me up on my offer to read these articles. It's a bit time intensive, but you'll realize that even then, it's truly the tip of the iceberg with David Lang.


It is our hope that since your site mentions you welcome imperfect members (and who amongst us is perfect?) that you will have better luck counseling David Lang. (Or, at a bare minimum, that this blog will help protect  your members from him.) Let's be clear that his actions have been far from victimless. There is the minor that David Lang battered in sparring, allegations of spousal abuse, allegations of abusing his nieces when they were underage, an inability to provide financial support to the innocent children he has fathered, impersonating others on Facebook to attempt to make himself look better with no regard to the harm he is doing to their hard-earned reputations and presenting himself as disabled while participating in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches just off the top of my head.

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FYI, there is a reply from a verified David Lang account on the underground where he admits that's him in the video above.

But perhaps the use of Christian symbolism to attempt to give cover to his fraudulent businesses should be the most disconcerting to your church.


This seems, to me at least, to be the mark of a truly remorseless sociopath who is willing to use anything – including his self-proclaimed strong Christian faith – for his own selfish purposes. It also appears to be completely enabled by his mother Pat Lang.

Now I’m not going to claim to be a scholar in Christianity, but I thought a major tenet was faith predicated on God presenting challenges that can be met and how they will benefit the greater good. On that note, I believe David Lang and Pat Lang present a fantastic opportunity for Crown Alliance Church to not only help improve the Cortland community but also to raise the stature of your church so you can have opportunities to do even more of the great work alluded to in your website. After all, David Lang has wasted the last 5 years of his life attempting to perpetuate a fraudulent claim instead of acquiring career skills and providing for his kids while Pat has seemingly supported his continued fraudulent actions.

Thank you in advance for helping to reform the unchristian actions of your members David Lang and his enabling mom Pat Lang and making the Cortland community a better place for its citizens. In conclusion we have no issue with your church and, accordingly, you are welcome to email me if you would like anything added to or modified in this blog.


An Open Letter to David Lang's Kids

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on September 26, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Hi. By the time you’re reading this, you will have undoubtedly heard and read many things about your father and paternal grandmother (Pat Lang). My goal isn’t to “convert” you to my way of thinking. Instead, I simply want to present a side you’ll likely never otherwise encounter.

Your Situation

Your father, David Lang, pictured on this website and born on May 27, 1983, inexplicably decided to masquerade as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and, if he had done any research at all, he would have realized that this is one of the worst possible things someone can do if they care at all about sparing themselves as well as those associate with them (such as family) from intense Internet infamy. But that is exactly what he has done. And it turned out to be only the beginning.

For the past several years, David Lang, your father, has seemingly made it his full-time job to thumb his nose by creating a lot of fake social media accounts and photoshopping pictures, such as the one above in a vain attempt to create a very weak mirage that he is the holder of a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You really owe it to yourself to ask him why he has done this. I have a theory that your grandfather, Oneil Lang, may have lied about his boxing claims. Is your father continuing some very destructive family tradition into the Internet age?

Does it make him feel dominant to those who wear lower color belts that are photographed with him? Is that why he posted pictures of you and/or your siblings wearing white belts with him? Does he really feel a need to show dominance over his own flesh and blood?

Obviously, we have seen to it that none of his attempts have worked and he has nothing to show for the last several years of his professional life. When he took his father’s insurance proceeds to buy a truck (to drive several hours to a gym in Pennsylvania where he wore a black belt), what did you receive? Were you wanting for material items while he had a nice, new truck?

And what about Pat Lang, your grandmother? Why has she enabled your father and seemingly encouraged him to put his selfish interests above those of the children he is supposed to be supporting? Her nonprofit does seem pretty shady and it's been caught in the bright lights aimed at your father. Do you think it’s not coincidental that he is finding his girlfriends through this charity and dating ones right before they get settlements? Speaking of settlements, where did his money for the Brazil trip come from? Sources have indicated to me it was from Tiffany French whom he dumped as soon as he got to Brazil.

None of this sounds very Christian to me. And your father’s Facebook posts seem to be aimed at deflecting criticism that squarely and fairly depicts him. Ask him how he can look at himself in the mirror? Does he think he has a pathological issue? If so, why did he never seek help? Why didn’t your grandmother ever intervene?

What Could Have Been

Let’s go back to December 2010. Your father is outed. He makes a different choice. He owns up to his mistake and finds something else to occupy his time. Had he put nearly the same time and energy into something else, he could be a licensed electrician or plumber by now. In fact, it’s quite likely he’d have both licenses and he’d be licensed and insured to do fairly lucrative blue-collar work such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Or maybe a mechanic, roofer or the like who had established a profitable business.

He could also have been a CPA by now. Or even a non college degreed manager utilizing the so-called “white privilege.”

Of course, if you add in the pre December 2010 time he devoted to pretending to be a black belt, he could very easily be … wait for it … a genuine black belt running his own gym. He could even call it Lang MMA, have expectations of turning a profit and not live in fear of it being shut down by an Internet mob!

The Sad Reality

Instead, your father, with seemingly whole-hearted support from his mother has completely squandered the last several years of his life. The same years most successful professionals spend acquiring their career skills. He has been bullied by a relentless Internet mob and it has affected not just himself, but very clearly at least to me his mother – your grandmother. Just like the websites say, it may not be noticeable at first, but the stress factor does build up over time. I hear that she has become increasingly testy and stressed. And, apparently, those Facebook direct messages and whispers around town have now taken an appreciable toll on her health.

My Recommendations

You have a very common last name and a very plausible defense since none of this was your idea and you had nothing to do with his fraudulent black belt infamy or the allegations about his kiddie abusing past.

1. Get out of Central New York.

You don’t have to go far. Downstate would open your eyes and present you with many more opportunities as well as a “clean slate.” It’s nice down here. Leave after high school for college. (You don’t want the negativity to impact your college experience as good grades really do open doors for employers and graduate schools.) On a personal note, I didn’t leave Western New York until after University at Buffalo and I regret not getting out sooner. Besides, if you don’t like it, you can always go back. However, you can never recoup the lost time if you wait to leave and you don’t want to haunt yourself with “what if” questions.

2. Take BJJ classes at a reputable gym.

I promise you will see an immediate difference from what your dad has tried to teach you and you’ll understand our passion in protecting this martial art. (Besides, most gyms offer free trials, so there shouldn’t be any out-of-pocket expenses.

3. Keep an open mind.

Undoubtedly, you have heard vastly contrasting stories from your parents. It’s always going to be tempting to blindly believe a parent and not want to see how they could ever even possibly hurt you in the slightest way. Unfortunately, not all people are good and some of them eventually become parents.

The sooner you can read people and see what’s happening around you objectively, the sooner you will be able to live a healthy, happy and productive life. Speaking of life, I know I speak for everyone when I say we hope you make good choices and successfully break the destructive cycle that seems to have run in your paternal family for at least the last 2 generations!


Musings on Oneil Lang and his fraud son David Lang of McGraw NY

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on June 10, 2015 at 1:55 AM

Oneil Lang was 80 when he was fatally struck by a truck in late September 2014 in McGraw, New York. From what I've read online, he was apparently once a boxer. I wrote “apparently” because I’m a bit of a skeptic and believe our society doesn’t work hard enough to vet character and claims.

Jerry Sandusky of Penn State could be “Exhibit A” for this societal shortcoming. Another potential disaster would be if Warren Buffet’s investments weren’t all he claimed and I only even mention this remote possiblity since I understand his holdings aren’t subjected to intense audits. Obviously, I am using that example strictly for illustrative purposes. Mr. Buffet seems to be a brilliant investor and an even greater person and philanthropist and I certainly hope all is well with Berkshire Hallaway. (God help our economy otherwise!)

What if Oneil Lang lied about his boxing claims?

But back to Oneil. I’ll start by stating upfront that it would probably be impossible to prove or disprove the boxing claim due to the passage of so much time. However, if he had any type of boxing background, wouldn’t it seem plausible David Lang would possess at least rudimentary striking skills?

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Regarding David’s father, Oneil Lang, I look to the birds of a feather paradigm and openly wonder if perhaps he was a fraud in the boxing world the way his son is a fraud in the grappling world. (Although pre Internet I doubt any boxing fraud could have taken him to the heights of infamy that David Lang has achieved.) I also wonder if perhaps that’s why he relocated to New York from Canada.

What kind of father was Oneil Lang?

I know Pat is fully aware of her son’s infamy and it’s hard to believe Oneil could have been blind to it. So why support a son who engages in outright fraud and isn’t self supportive unless you condone his sickening behavior? The most important job for every parent is to ensure their kids are raised with a strong moral compass even if disabilities may prevent them from ever obtaining full self sufficiency. The opposite of this, I suppose, is what Patricia Lang and Oneil Lang have done with their son David. They have enabled him to put students’ lives in danger, be a pretty terrible husband from accounts I’ve read of the first two marriages (I assume there will be more in his future) and, even worse, to become a terrible role model to the poor, innocent children he has fathered.

Given recent evidence (see screen grab below from the UG thread) that Pat Lang of Helping Hands Caring Heart may be using her charity to help her deadbeat son meet vulnerable women and get his hands on disability settlements coming their way, I also openly wonder if this activity started recently or has been going on for years unchecked. And, if Oneil Lang was the great man some want to believe, what did he know about this and what, if anything, did he do about it?

Has Pat Lang’s enabling crossed the line?

I understand David met his last girlfriend Tiffanie French (I believe this link is for the same Tiffanie as the picture below) through Pat Lang’s Helping Hands, Caring Hearts non profit in Cortland, NY. 

David Lang, is it true that she got a settlement that YOU used to pay up enough child support as well as travel to Brazil so you could get your butt kicked in this video by a brown belt half your size? Please correct me if I’m wrong because this is what I’ve read on the UG thread you appear on from time to time.

And what is going on with Trish Queen?

And what about Trish Queen (who just changed her name to Tee Scutt after this blog was published)? Is there a pattern here of you meeting vulnerable single moms through your mom’s Helping Hands Caring Hearts because of her enabling? Is Trish getting ready to receive a lump-sum pay out that should be used to take care of herself and her kid(s)? Trish, in all seriousness, you need to talk to Tiffanie before you even think about giving this fraud a single penny.

And if, or should I say when, it jives, you need to do yourself and potential future victims a huge favor and report this disgusting activity to every outlet you can.

Did David Lang commit perjury?

David, is it true you told a judge you were a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that you didn't travel to Brazil? If so, how do you explain the picture below as well as (screen saved for posterity lol) comments you made from known accounts on Youtube and UG about the match? I somehow don't think you'd have an easy time if you ended up in the slammer.

David Lang’s latest farcical BJJ move

David, since I haven’t been blogging regularly, I had some catching up to do. Please, please, please explain this picture.

It’s a still shot from the video below where David, the BJJ fake black belt was completely dominated from beginning to end. I personally think this still is much better and representative.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

I’m not even sure where to begin on the ridiculous picture you posted to your Facebook. The very low resolution? The fact you cut off Leandro Silva’s head? The fact you’re sweating like a pig and the whole match was less than 5 minutes? The idea that anyone would want to watermark a still photo from that video? And, lest we forget how this whole thing started, your very misguided decision to wear a black belt that you never earned.

You’re absolutely pathetic David Lang. Don't you wonder what your kids will think about you when they get older? Don't you wonder why you continually lose "virtual" friends and the increased funny stares from members of your own community both inside and outside of your church? You don't even have a school anymore. Nor do you have any skills you should have spent the last several years acquiring so you could support your kids. The gravy train of vulnerable single moms is coming to an end and I hope this blog serves as a way to capture all that you have so foolishly chosen to do these past several years.

Attn: Pat Lang of Cortland NY and Helping Hands Caring Heart

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on June 21, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Hi Pat,


I was wondering how you felt about your son’s fraudulent activities and if you are indeed enabling his behavior. I ask this because I’m wondering where his money to start new gym ventures is coming from and what he’s doing for financial support when he’s off dreaming up crazy, half-baked schemes such as claiming to be a black belt under Wallid Ismail. Also, there is a Facebook profile, allegedly yours of course, that is extremely encouraging of your son’s fraudulent activities.


(If this is your profile, by the way, many of us would love to know how you could not notice your son calling himself “David La,” “David Lan” etc. Could there be a reason besides the fact he was trying to tail tuck from the legitimate BJJ and MMA communities that have previously exposed him as a fraud? Please tell me because I speak for others when I adamantly say we’d love to know!)


You have to know that he is wasting his time and money with this various BJJ/MMA gym openings, right? And, even if it makes him happy, shouldn’t you be concerned when fraud is committed? (His fake “Gracie Combatives” certificate with Wallid’s forged signature and misspelled name remains one of my favorite follies to this day.) I can’t believe you would appreciate falling victim to such fraud. And you probably wouldn’t want to think of a similar event bestowing your kids or grandkids!


Pat Lang needs to ask her son David Lang about this certificate if she's not already aware IMO...

But as bad as fraud is, let’s take this up another notch in severity. How about the very real possibility an innocent person could be harmed? (Such as what apparently already happened according to this allegation your son beat up an underage student!) You know, since your son doesn’t seem to grasp either BJJ or MMA at anywhere near a legitimate instructor’s level.


So, is it a big stretch to say you’re upset this blog post can be found by your peers? Are you feeling a bit like an innocent victim as opposed to a completely willing accomplice? If yes, then congratulations on having at least a smidgeon of empathy. Because it doesn’t appear to this writer that your son does. Certainly not after I parodied being a black belt under him while he continued to claim black belts under others.


There is a very real chance your son could get someone seriously injured or even killed. Since you appear anxious to portray yourself as a good person (Executive Director of Helping Hands Caring Heart in Cortland, NY), don’t you feel a pressing need to do everything in your power to stop your son? Maybe he needs help. Or maybe he needs to be left on his own to accelerate his ultimate demise.

Did these two use head gear if they sparred?


If you think your son may have been more successful with his black belt claims pre Information Age, you are correct. (Obviously, he couldn’t have been much less successful. Lol.) But as rough as the Information Age has been to him, how do you think it’s going to impact his kids? Don’t you worry that they will be bullied once their schoolmates stumble upon the treasure trove of “David Lang BJJ” (or “David Lang Cortland NY,” “David Lang McGraw NY,” “David Lang black belt,” “David Lang MMA,” … well … you get the idea) search engine results?


Oh, and Pat, in case you’re not a cutting-edge techie, the Networked Age is currently eclipsing the Information Age. And it’s going to further curtail not only David Lang’s future opportunities but also those of everyone near him who may be perceived as having complicity in his disgusting actions.


Do you see how your other son, Peter I believe, could be viewed as complicit?

Quite simply, David Lang is a very real danger to anyone who makes the mistake of trusting his fraudulent credentials and joining his gym. There can’t be any way you would be comfortable with any of your relatives training with a similar fraud. So, please, for everyone’s sake, do whatever is necessary to help stop your son. On the bright side, you’ll feel a lot better when your friends question you about this blog post and you can confidently state that you have already undertaken corrective action on behalf of the innocents in your community that you purport to care about so greatly.


More pictures from the Facebook account

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on June 2, 2014 at 12:25 AM

I check back in and Lang is still playing games

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on June 2, 2014 at 12:10 AM

I check in and it seems this loser now has a Youtube video implying he's a second degree black belt? Is he going to try to become the first 50 degree red belt?

So, I was saving some of the public domain images Lang was posting to his David La page. Here are some of them.

These first 2 pictures are David Lang and his brother according to my notes.

This Whore Bitch is Claiming to be a Baby Killer!!!

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on May 23, 2012 at 4:10 PM

I put all my energy into our relationship and I was determined to rescue Sheniqua from her spot in life and make an honest woman out of her. We would have been perfect for each other. It’s over, however, though through no fault of my own. Yesterday, the whore bitch had the audacity to tell me she needed $5,000 for an abortion and she was certain I was the father. Considering she has slept with who knows how many men, I wore a condom and ejaculated prematurely AND abortions don’t cost anywhere approaching 5K even without health insurance, I am certain she is lying. I offered to marry her and help raise the baby but, alas, she flatly declined. This worthless cunt is a fraud and a cheat of the worst kind. I am disgusted I essentially paid her to teach her BJJ. I will never forget or forgive and she will get her comeuppance sooner rather than later. When this happens, I assure you all that there will be nothing the security bouncers at that place will be able to do about it.

It must be in my kind, trusting and honest nature, but it’s now clear that no matter how hard I try, women just hate me. Through my decision and my decision alone, I’ve decided to go back to abstinence. Now I have to figure out what to do about the female cat I brought home. The boys are really harassing her and I don’t think it’s fair she has to spend all her time in the spare bedroom for her own safety.

I’m actually surprised at how quickly I’ve regained my senses given the considerable shock I felt yesterday. Perhaps I’m taking some kind of masochistic pride in feeling blemished and perhaps it’s helping me feel a bit more closeness to my Grand Master. I'm sure my unpleasant history with the so-called 'fairer gender' is at work here too and this just cements my contempt for all women outside my family.

This heartwrenching experience at the hands of the evil slut has also helped me refine my calling to include outing any and all frauds with whom I come into contact. In any event, it's given me a bit of an energy boost actually and I will continue the flyering work that I started in earnest upon my return from Nevada. Instilled with the lessons of BJJ I've been so blessed to receive, I will persevere and I will win!

Officially in L-O-V-E!!!!! :-)

Posted by mysticdragonbjj on May 17, 2012 at 11:05 PM

What an eventful week and a half. I guess I’ll do a chronological recount. Last Tuesday, my editor calls and says a deadline just got pushed up, so I had to work straight through Monday and delay my long-awaited trip. Tuesday was a very long day. With stops for gas and food, it took me about 15 hours to reach Las Vegas. I was exhausted and decided to get some rest. The brothels claim to be near Vegas, but are actually over an hour away. More time in the car, so more anti-anxiety meds got popped.


When I arrive these jokes for security bouncer guys try to act all tough. They clearly had no idea I was a BJJ black belt! The hostess asks me what I want and I try to explain I’m not superficial and I’m really doing this for my students, so give me whoever so I can get this over with and make it back down to Vegas to roll with a UFC heavyweight title contender.


Well, imagine how foolish I felt when Sheniqua walked out and I instantly knew we had both fallen hard for each other. Wow. Just wow! We talked for a little bit. She got really excited when I told her I was one of the baddest men in the world and how I fought Internet terrorists in my free time to defend my Grand Master’s honor. I gave her a Mystic Dragon business card and offered her free lessons. She could see the goodness in me and I knew she was the real deal. The love making was so natural and she approved so I’m probably a phenom at this too. (Note to the men: Be gentle and loving. It’s a time tested method guaranteed to win a girl’s heart!)


Anyway, I’m officially head over heels for Sheniqua and I am100% committed to marrying her and spending the rest of my life with her. Combining my grappling knowledge with the explosiveness in her genes, I think we could make some really athletic children. And if our kids decided to go into politics, there’s certainly presidential potential.


After meeting Sheniqua, my whole life immediately changed. I did do a quick Google search but couldn’t find any address for Mir (he still hasn’t returned an email I sent him) and I couldn’t find any address for Ken Hahn (his website is also inactive much like my Grand Master’s) so I decided to extend my stay by a day to further cement my love with Sheniqua. (In the big picture, this is far more important to me than re-affirming my BJJ prowess.) I made her the happiest girl in the world when I came back this morning and we both cried in the emotion. As great as the sex was, we limited it to about 10 minutes so I could teach her as much BJJ as possible so she can protect herself. Yeah. It’s the love bug and it’s bitten this tough guy grappling phenom real good!


We bid our farewells for now and I’m typing this from ahotel room in Lyman, Wyoming. I found a female cat in need of a good home in Laramie and I am going to pick her up tomorrow. I’m convinced it’s a sign. I love my new outlook on life and I want my cats to feel the same pleasures I’ve now experienced.


I’m still trying to digest what happened and figure out how I'm going to get Sheniqua back to Alliance and raise a large family with her. Perhaps I'll tell her the only way to earn a purple belt is if the certificate reads Sheniqua Franklin! “Wow” is the best word I can think of right now as my heart is still fluttering and my mind is still racing. The only reason I won't say meeting Sheniqua isn't better than earning my black belt is because I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to meet her if I hadn't earned my black belt first! I will write more later




  • "Mystic dragon has turned me into an undefeated BJJ fighter. I am currently 0-0 but 7-14 in death matches before I started training under the Dave Lange banner."
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